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Bensenville is located in northeastern Illinois’ DuPage county right in the heart of the Greater Chicagoland metropolitan area. This bustling village is an important link in the area’s economic and industrial network. The village is strategically located along a vital transportation network that links the Chicagoland Metro area to all travelers.

Bensenville is only minutes away from O’Hare International Airport, major expressways and tollways, including 290 and 294. Travel throughout the region is by Rt.19 and Rt.83 which connect Bensenville to her neighbors and offer easy accessibility. Business travelers and commuters can take advantage of the downtown Metra commuter rail line

A thriving, hardworking village, Bensenville has earned its reputation as one of
DuPage county’s prize communities. Bensenville also possesses the charm and community spirit of a small town. The homes of Bensenville reflect its decades
of tradition and steady progress. Various residential designs in many sizes sprawl about the local landscape proudly displaying homeowners’ tastes.

The community offers beautiful parks and recreation facilities. The Bensenville Park District operates 18 parks within a ten mile square area of the village. Opened in 1985, the Bensenville Water Park has become a major area summer attraction and a model for other towns planning new outdoor swimming facilities.

Village Hall of Bensenville, IL 60106 - 630-766-8200
Bensenville Library - 630-766-4642
Bensenville Chamber Of Commerce - 630- 860-3800
Bensenville Park District - 630- 766-7015
Redmond Recreational Complex - 630- 594-1190
Bensenville School District #2 - 630-766-5940
Fenton High School District #100 - 630-766-2500
Bensenville Police Department
The Legends of Bensenville Golf Course - 630-594-1100


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of Wood Dale
Wood Dale is also
located in northeastern Illinois’ DuPage county. Incorporated in 1928, it became a city in 1970, former names for Wood Dale include: Lester's, Salt Creek, Wooddale. The City is surrounded by three golf courses and many acres of forest preserves.

The City has a history of economic progress and is highly desirable because of its large acres of open space, outstanding Park District and School District facilities, award winning Police Department and customer focused city services.  The City of Wood Dale offers all the benefits of a modern urbanized city, while also keeping some of it’s small town charm.

Village Hall of Wood Dale, IL 60191- 630-766-4900
Wood Dale Park District - 630-595-9333
Wood Dale Public Library - 630-766-6762
Wood Dale School District #7 - 630-595-9510
Fenton High School District #100- 630-766-2500
Wood Dale Police
- 630-766-2060

         Wood Dale, Illinois - est 1928


Village of Addison

Home to the fourth largest industrial park in the State of Illinois, Addison works closely with businesses within the community to ensure long, prosperous relationships. Addison has been extremely successful at securing new business prospects, while retaining businesses already in the village.

In addition to the excellent schools, diversity in housing and an easy-to-reach location, Addison offers its residents many other advantages, including: strong
Park District programs, excellent youth-oriented athletic and leisure programs, a public Library with the latest in technology, a highly rated Fire District, community-oriented and award-winning Police Department, proactive community and government leaders, special services and events for seniors, a growing entertainment sector and three golf courses.

Village Hall of Addison, IL 60101 - 630-543-4100
Addison Park District - 630-833-0100
Addison Public Library - 630-543-3617
Addison School District #4 - 630-628-2500
Addison School District #88 - 630-530-3981
Addison Police Non-emergency - 630-543-3080
Links and Tees Golf Facility - 630-458-2660





Village of Itasca

Itasca is located in the northeast corner of DuPage County. Chicago's Loop is approximately 25 miles east; O'Hare International Airport 10 miles away and Midway Airport 29 miles to the southeast.

Beautiful residential neighborhoods and Willy Wonka`s candy factory! In 2003 The National Recreation and Park Association awarded Itasca a Gold Medal in Class V (25,000 population and under) for outstanding Park District. Itasca is a quality community with modern and exquisite housing. Centrally located by Rt. 19,  Elgin-O'Hare expressway and 355 highway, close to O'Hare International Airport.

Village Hall of Itasca, IL 60143 - 630-773-0835
Itasca Park District -630-773-2257
Itasca Public Library - 630-773-1699
Itasca District Schools #10 - 630-773-1232
Lake Park High School District #108 -630-295-5234
Village of Itasca Spring Brook Nature Center - 630-773-5572
Itasca Police
Non-emergency -630-773-1004


Village of Bloomingdale

Eighty-five percent of this land is residential property and open space which expresses the "family-oriented" environment fostered here. Several major shopping areas (including the 1.4 million square foot Stratford Square Mall) and a multitude of convenience centers offer a wide variety of goods and services to residents. Old Town Bloomingdale has changed in its nature but still thrives to this day.

In addition to Bloomingdale's many retailers, a great many other employers have established their businesses and offer many employment opportunities here as
they have made Bloomingdale their home. That kind of investment in community has gone a long way toward making Bloomingdale's real estate tax rate one of the lowest in DuPage County and made Bloomingdale such a wonderful place to live
and work!

Village Hall of Bloomingdale, IL 60108 - 630-893-7000
Bloomingdale Park District - 630-529-3650
Bloomingdale Public Library - 630-529-3120
Bloomingdale School District #93 - 630-893-9393
Bloomingdale School District #13 - 630-893-9590
Bloomingdale Golf Club - 630-529-6232
Bloomingdale Police Non-emergency
- 630-529-9868

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Village of Villa Park

Villa Park provides a good life for its 22,517 residents. They enjoy a ‘small town’ atmosphere, excellent schools, outstanding police and fire protection, ‘state of
the art’ paramedic service and exceptional recreational facilities. Transportation
is good and health services are outstanding. Service clubs are very active.

Villa Park residents are comfortable with a wide variety of housing and convenient shopping. An active society enabled Villa Park to have both Chicago, Aurora and Elgin Railroad stations placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Both railroad stations are located on the Illinois Prairie Path, a national Historic Trail.
In 1988, Villa Park received the coveted Governor’s Hometown Honorable Mention Award for their three year volunteer campaign to install ornamental memorial lighting on the Villa Park Prairie Path.

Village Hall of Villa Park, IL 60186 - 630-834-8500
Villa Park Park District - 630-834-8525
Villa Park Public Library - 630-834-1164
Villa Park School District #45 - 630- 530-6200
Villa Park School District #48 - 630-279-8400
Villa Park School District #88 - 630-530-3981
Sugar Creek Golf Course - 630-834-3325
Villa Park Police
Non-emergency - 630-834-7447


   Villa Park Police Department


   Ovaltine Redevelopment

Village of Roselle
Roselle is a northwestern suburb of Chicago and is home to 23,115 people. Located approximately 25 miles from downtown Chicago, 25 minutes from O'Hare International Airport, and 10 minutes from two major shopping centers, Roselle provides the quality of life and sense of community usually found only in a small town, with the convenience of a larger metropolitan area.

As a "mature" community, the Village is looking to the future and the challenges it will bring Roselle in the next century. With little vacant land left for new development, it becomes even more important that it be developed wisely. Roselle's Meacham Grove Forest Preserve is home to one of the Forest Preserve District's oldest picnic groves. On the east side of Bloomingdale/Roselle is Maple Lake a 32-acre fishing lake.

Village Hall of Roselle, IL 60172 - 630-980-2000
Roselle Park District - 630-894-4200
Roselle Public Library - 630-592-1641
School Districts Serving Roselle:
Roselle School District #12 - 630-529-2091
Medinah School District #11 -630-893-3737
Bloomingdale School District #13 - 630-893-9590
Keeneyville School District #20 - 630-894-2250
Schaumburg School District #54 - 847-357-5000
Lake Park High School District #108 - 630-295-5234
Roselle Police Non-emergency - 630-980-2025




Roselle Public Library

City of Elmhurst
Elmhurst is home to some notable organizations that have been a fixture of the community for many years. Elmhurst College is a four-year, independent, comprehensive college founded in 1871. This school ranks as one of the best liberal arts institutions in the Midwest.

Elmhurst Memorial Hospital was founded in 1926 as the first hospital in DuPage County. This facility has grown into an entire health care system over the years and provides the community with their medical needs. City of Elmhurst is committed to shepherding the community into and through the next century by continuing its long history of services of the highest quality for residents and visitors. Working together, residents and the City can make certain that Elmhurst will continue to be a wonderful place to live and raise families.

City Hall of Elmhurst, IL 60126 - 630-530-3000
The Elmhurst Park District - 630) 993-8900
Elmhurst Public Library - 630-
Elmhurst Community Unit School District #205 - 630-834-4530
Salt Creek School District #48 - 630-279-8400
Du Page County School District #88 - 630-530-3981
Elmhurst College - 630-617-3500
The Elmhurst Historical Museum - 630-833-1457
Elmhurst Police Non-emergency - 630-530-3050





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